• For admission to the prestigious US school child needs to take the TOEFL and SSAT exams. We decided to find out what they are made, what is the complexity and how to prepare for them.



    • Test of English as a Foreign Language

    International Test of English as a foreign language. He needed adolescents over 14 years for admission to senior American school (9,10,11 classes). TOEFL iBT 80-90 – a good result, but you need to dial TOEFL iBT 105 (out of 120) for the top schools.

    Reading: Read 3 or 4 fragments of the text and answer the questions.

    Listening: Listen to the lecture, discussion or dialogue, answer questions.

    Speaking: To express your opinion on the general topic. Speak for read or listen to the passage.

    Letter: Write an essay on the heard or read text. Give a written reply to a question.

    What is the difficulty?

    Russian students are not familiar with the international exam format. Even with the confident knowledge of English in a child can be difficult: how to correctly calculate the time, what kind of texts can meet as the first attempt to give a written or an oral answer to a question. TOEFL fully surrenders to the online format. Students will not only mark the correct answers, but also enter the text in the right form of an essay and oral answer to the question of the computer.


    • Secondary School Admission Test

    The entrance exam to the best private schools of America. His pass students older than 9 years in going 3-11 in the American school classes. Depending on what grade a child arrives, the SSAT is conducted at three levels: Elementary (3-4 classes), Middle (5-7 classes), Upper (8-11 grades). Required score: 93% correct assignments.

    Mathematics: perform basic calculations, to solve the problems of algebra and geometry

    Read: Read the text fragment and to answer questions

    Verbal part: Choose synonyms and analogies to these words

    Letter: For elementary school – to write a story on the picture. For high school – a creative story to one of the proposed topics. For high school – the answer to the question, or creative story on the subject.

    What is the difficulty?

    SSAT – the American test, so better to hire assignment helper. He shows how the child is academically prepared to attend high school: to write an essay, solve math problems, to understand texts, own advanced vocabulary at the level of their American peers.

    About the Author: Anna Merpor is a student. She is interested in sport.

  • f148
    • Location United Kingdom, West Sussex, Haywards Heath
    • Age 13-18
    • GCSE Programme, Per-IB, IB, A-level
    • Type of School Private Boarding School
    • The number of pupils in a class of 12-15 people
    • Total number of students 750

    This college offers high results of final examinations; excellent service of school support; comfortable living conditions; a wide range of extracurricular activities.
    • Price (per year) £ 32,130 (full board)

    Ardingly College is a private boarding school and day coeducational school for boys and girls 13-18 years old, located in the south-east of England. School Campus is surrounded by unspoilt countryside of West Sussex County, between London and Brighton. Situated here is fast and easy to reach from London Gatwick (15 km) and Heathrow (46 km), as well as from Surrey, Hampshire and Kent. School Campus covers an area of 93 hectares, which are equipped with academic buildings, residences, sports facilities.

    The school prepares students for GCSE programs, Pre-IB (preparation for the International Baccalaureate), IB and A-level. Organization for checking the quality of education in private schools (Independent Schools Inspectorate) has recognized Ardingly School as very successful and well-managed. The school is characterized exclusively by the words “excellent”, “perfect” and “outstanding”. In 2010, the school was recognized as one of the best private schools in the UK teaching International Baccalaureate program.

    The high level of academic training is evidenced by the results of final examinations. In 2012, 83% of students were rated A and B at GCSE exams (especially good results – 92-95% – in the natural sciences). On the final IB and A-level in 2012, seven out of forty students scored 40 points, allowing them to be among the 5% of the graduates with the highest results of examinations in the world. Students neglected service on request pay someone to do my homework. Not surprisingly, all school graduates continue their education at prestigious universities in the UK and other countries. Ardingly College has actively promoted the preparation for entry to elite universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and others.

    The school offers excellent conditions for sports. Students enjoy playing football, hockey, netball, tennis, rugby, cricket, water sports and athletics. For the development of creative talent here and have everything you need. Students have the opportunity to engage in drawing, painting, fashion, design, photography, music, drama and much more. Thus, there is the full development of the child’s personality.


    In Ardingly College understands that school residence – is not just a place where things are stored, but also it is a home. Students are placed in one of four comfortable residences, where there is everything you need for good rest and self-training. Boys and girls live in separate residences.
    About the Author: Liza Dajer is a student. She is from Chicago.

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    1. Use cards. In high school, flashcards were not a big deal. In college, they are your friend and ally. You can use them as steadfast way to memorize information or learn new words if you are studying idioms or proverbs. The trick is the following: you write a word on one side, and a definition on the other side. This is great to test yourself when you have many words in store. If you are not a fan of self-quizzing, ask your friend to join in.
    2. Think of the location you are working at. Sometimes, all you have to say is ‘do my homework for money’ and writing services will rush to help you. In other cases, you have to change the scenery. Many students love working in a café to be around people, but we do not think this is the best option due to the hustle and bustle and overall hectic atmosphere. We advise you to spend a few hours in the library where no one can disturb you. Besides, being surrounded by books increases your productivity level and makes you focused. Of course, the study place is an individual decision, but there is nothing better than sitting in the quiet just for a while.
    3. This one is quite controversial. Some say that music is an actual study helper, while others find it distracting. Try to make a list of your favorite tracks and listen to them for motivation. However, if you are forcing yourself to do so and do not find it useful, there is no point in copying someone else’s working style. You can listen to classics as an alternative if that helps you focus.
    4. When you feel like you can’t prepare on your own, invite some friends. Even simple tips like ‘Do you remember, it was this time when we revised it and then you got it’ help. You can gather a study group and delegate individual tasks so that you learn through teaching. Each team would have a task assigned to them, and if something is unclear, you can listen to your friends’ explanation. This works well for the quizzes and tests and pays off during an exam, as you are repeating things over and over until they are imprinted in your memory.
    5. If you have a writing task, do not forget to organize it in a pretty way. It’s not about the cosmetic look, but the overall revision experience that you go through. Highlighted notes are easier to memorize, and if you have a structure to your essay (introduction, body and conclusion) it will be readable and what is more important, more concise. Your teacher won’t be able to check out every single detail of your answer, so you’d better keep it clear and short. You can add a personal point of view but be sure to support it with evidence.
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