• Today having only one educational background is not enough to succeed in professional life. Lots of experts take online courses to enrich expertise or even start a new working activity, which is sometimes in no way related to the one they used to go for before.


    Where one can gain that knowledge necessary to make a career shift? E-learning represented by internet courses is the main driving force helping people find a new occupation or boost proficiency in the present one. And EDX.org is one of the many online study platforms that nevertheless stands out thanks to appealing design, usability and a great number of courses available.

    Search for an e-course you want. Take it when comfortable

    Using the search tool available at EDX.org you can look up a required course and take it at the most convenient time personally for you. The program is flexible and can be taken individually depending on your free time and level of energy.

    By and large, you’ll find 300+ e-courses, many contributed by such educational establishments as The University of Chicago, The University of Tokyo and Columbia University in the City of New York at the top of the list.

    Each course goes with a description, studying materials and practical lessons. A certificate is given at the end of each course, enabling you to apply to a new job or ask for a promotion thanks to a new set of skills without a hitch.